Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Ah, The Child

Yesterday I was visiting my mother in the evening. As, it came time to go home my 2yr old daughter, Molly, and I walked together to the door.

My mother keeps a mirror in the entryway that Molly just loves to stop and play in.

As we stood looking in the mirror I started asking Molly questions.

I asked her, "Where is Molly?"

She pointed to her reflection and said, "Right there."

Then I asked her, "Where is mommy?"

Sheepishly she waved a finger at my reflection and said, "Right there."

I picked her up after that and gave her a hug before we continued our play.

Holding her up high I asked her, "Who is prettier, Molly or mama?"

She replied, "Um.. Molly is."

So then I asked Molly, "Who is smarter?"

She smiled up at me and said, "Molly is."

It was then I thought, I should test her and see if she is paying attention or just answering every question by saying "Molly is."

The last question I posed to her was, "Who is taller, Molly or mama?"

She very plainly answered, "Mama is."

Well damn.. lol.. I think that she may be a little big for her britches. This is something I can't wait to tell her when she has children.

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Aaron Diaz Hoal said...

Wouldn't you like to go back to the days when we were young, and not quite so bright? What happened to these kids? How dare they out think us and show us what we really are? Discipline, I say! Except, their eyes are really big and beautiful, and they're kind of sweet and wonderful . . . the bastards.