Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Ah, The Child

Yesterday I was visiting my mother in the evening. As, it came time to go home my 2yr old daughter, Molly, and I walked together to the door.

My mother keeps a mirror in the entryway that Molly just loves to stop and play in.

As we stood looking in the mirror I started asking Molly questions.

I asked her, "Where is Molly?"

She pointed to her reflection and said, "Right there."

Then I asked her, "Where is mommy?"

Sheepishly she waved a finger at my reflection and said, "Right there."

I picked her up after that and gave her a hug before we continued our play.

Holding her up high I asked her, "Who is prettier, Molly or mama?"

She replied, "Um.. Molly is."

So then I asked Molly, "Who is smarter?"

She smiled up at me and said, "Molly is."

It was then I thought, I should test her and see if she is paying attention or just answering every question by saying "Molly is."

The last question I posed to her was, "Who is taller, Molly or mama?"

She very plainly answered, "Mama is."

Well damn.. lol.. I think that she may be a little big for her britches. This is something I can't wait to tell her when she has children.

Monday, December 8, 2008

So This is the Place

Well, I may now breathe a sigh of relief.. the masses need not fear the loss of uber world talent The Ok Melon Baller. Ha ha, well good to be here guys.